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About the Program
Rotary Short Term Exchange presents opportunities for students to advance their knowledge and world understanding by allowing them to exchange in a different country.  Participants will live with host families in their selected land usually for three to four weeks in the summer, under the sponsorship of their local Rotary Club.


To foster world peace, international understanding and good will by extending international communication at the personal level through the exchange of students of high school age.  It is our hope that these young people will be able to observe, first hand, the problems and accomplishments of other countries by living with and meeting people of cultures, creeds and colors other than their own.


Any student, age 15-19 of good character who possesses a warm personality and a desire to live abroad and host in return.  Candidates should be adaptable and flexible, well mannered and want to experience life in other countries and cultures. Children of Rotarians and non-Rotarians are equally eligible.


Applicants must be sponsored by a local Rotary Club.  Contact any member of a local club who will put you in touch with its Youth Exchange Chairperson regarding details.  Your High School Guidance Counselor usually cooperates with the Rotary Club and can help you make that contact.

See the Information Page for contact and other important information.

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Multi-District Rotary Summer Youth Exchange
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